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bbmshop distribute imported used parts from Japan, predominantly for BMW cars such as the e34, 36, 39, 46 as well as other models. We can also order cars from auctions in Japan including but not limited to Mercedes Benz, BMW, Toyota and Nissan. We import the vehicle cut in half front or rear as required. 

We are located at 70/16, Moo 3, Krisadanakorn 19, Klong Neung, Klong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120 mobile : 09 1565 6196

For customers in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam, we can order vehicles cut in half (both left and right hand drive) of most makes including Mercedes- Benz, BMW, Audi and VW, from car auctions in Japan.

We are able to advise on new model parts for BMW,lost immobilizer keys,spare immobilizer keys and also electronic control unit (ecu) programing.

Through our extensive network we are able to recommend garages and experts for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and VW vehicles.


09 1565 6196 Line ID: 0860276566


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                              شСͺ ͧ+ 5ʻմ+ᾷ¾ͧ 3.9+ҡҧ  68,000-  ٢ͧҹ Ҫ


bmw Laos(),Myanmar() Cambodia(٪) ҡԴѭͧ,,حö ֡ 091-5656196


                                礡حbmwöء 繤Կô ͤԷ ѭҹ 200ҷ


                                                 ҧẺ 2-3(Ҿ¹)ը˹ Ҥ 380-


   ѺԴкbme34,32,36,36,36 ᾤ(к繷ͧ͡繢ͧ+ҹ)  6,500-(蹷Թ 3,800-)


               ӡحbm ,ʵº ,حʵع ,Դحʵ,Դе,Ծح/


          ҧͺеö¹Ѻe34,36,32   4е 3,000ҷ          ҧͺеö¹-û ຨ,, շ駢»ա/


                                                         ҧͺеbmw e32º(ҧҹԴ駷) Դе˹֡


                                                    ҧͺеbmw e34º(ҧҹԴ駷) Դе˹֡



                                                                             ҧͺеºԴbmw e36                         





                                                     ǧ 3ҹ                                                                           ǧ 3ҹ ạ


                              ǧ e34 ᡹                                                                                ǧ 3ҹػ


                                                                 ˹һѷ e36                                                                          ˹һѷ e46


                                          ش e34 525i                                                                  شоԧѧe34+ᢹԴ   


                                         e34Ẻ١Դ                                                                                                          ˹e36


                                          Է˹e34                                                     ᢹe34Ѵŧ(ӵ)  3,500 - 4,500 ҷ


                                                  ѧѹe30                                                                                           ͧͧ蹵ҧ


                                     e34/36/39                                                             кк¤͹ҧ ͹ Ѵ俿                                     


                         çеe34 (ҧͺԴе)                                                                     ҷe34                                      





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